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Rental Price
(Insurance included)

1 day* 1 hour
Low Season Weekdays ¥20,000 ¥2,000
¥25,000 ¥2,500
Shoulder Season ¥32,500 ¥3,250
Top Seasons** ¥45,000 ¥4,500
  • *:Rental for 10 hours or more will be counted as one day.
  • **:The minimum rental duration during the top season is 3 days
  • ***:A supplement of 2,500 yen per day or 250 yen per hour will be added if you request an Evolite model.

Cost comparison for four people*

Car rental (ordinary vehicle) + hotel

Car Rental (2 days) 20,000 JPY
Hotel (1 night) 25,000 JPY
Gasoline (regular) 1,400 JPY
Total** 46,400 JPY
3,100 JPY cheaper
Incredible Experience!

In the case of RV rental

RV Rental (2 days) 40,000 JPY
RV Park (1 night) 1,000 JPY
Gasoline (diesel) 2,300 JPY
Total** 43,300 JPY
  • *:Travel distanced used for the comparison: 160km.
  • **:As RVs are considered as regular cars in Japan, expressway tolls are not included.

Long-term rental discount

Reservation over 3 days 10%OFF from basic rate
Reservation over 7 days 20%OFF from basic rate
Reservation over 20 days 30%OFF from basic rate

Optional services

  • Pet riding together
    20% Rental fee addition
    ※:Please let us know beforehand if you wish to travel with a pet. Otherwise, we will charge a 50% penalty fee.

Optional items

ETC Card Rental

Rental Fee 3% plus sales tax of actual toll fee
Rental Location El Monte RV Japan Funabashi only
Payment Cash or credit card (Visa or Master card) is available at drop-off.
How to get We recommend choosing this option at the same time as your reservation.

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) card makes your driving trip in Japan easy and stress-free. You can use dedicated lane for ETC card holder on highway or expressway without stopping (just slowing down) and paying at toll gates. Exclusive discount for ETC card holder may be applied depending on time or certain roads. All our vehicles have ETC card reader device.

Hokkaido Expressway Pass

The “Hokkaido Expressway Pass” is a special product that allows unlimited use of Hokkaido’s expressways at through the ETC system, one flat rate. Click here for details

Premium Wi-Fi

(1day to 6days/per day)・・・¥700

(7days or more/per round)・・・¥4,900

Network Softbank
Data Unlimited
Max Speed 187Mbps(Download)
Battery hours 10 hours continuous use
Area 100% Population Coverage Nationwide
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • BBQ stove
  • Lanterns (batteries excluded)
  • Sleeping bags with inners
  • Child seats
  • Personal kits(Sleeping bags,Pillow,Towels,Plates,Cutlery)
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Snow tires

Regarding cancellations

Reservation changes/cancellation after confirmation will be subject to a cancellation fee depending on the period.

45days before rental date No fees charged
44~16 days before rental date 10% of the total fee
15~2 days before rental date 20% of the total fee
The day before rental
(during our business hour)
80% of the total fee
The day of rental and after rental starts 100% of the total fee
  • ・A rental ETC card 324JPY per rental + Hokkaido Expressway Pass fee would be charged.
  • ・To be paid when you pick a car up. Consecutive Days will be counted as same as rental period of the car.
Consecutive Days Regular Auto
2 days 3,600 yen
3 days 5,100 yen
4 days 6,200 yen
5 days 6,700 yen
6 days 7,200 yen
7 days 7,700 yen
8 days 8,200 yen
9 days 8,700 yen
10 days 9,300 yen
11 days 9,800 yen
12 days 10,300 yen
13 days 10,800 yen
14 days 11,300 yen
15 days 14,400 yen
16 days 14,900 yen
Consecutive Days Regular Auto
17 days 16,400 yen
18 days 17,500 yen
19 days 18,000 yen
20 days 18,500 yen
21 days 19,000 yen
22 days 19,500 yen
23 days 20,000 yen
24 days 20,600 yen
25 days 21,100 yen
26 days 21,600 yen
27 days 22,100 yen
28 days 22,600 yen
29 days 25,700 yen
30 days 26,200 yen
31 days 27,700 yen

English Support, Insurance Included