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Rental Price

Rental fees on the list are charged per day, including insurance costs and unlimited kilometers.
Tax is not included.

 1 day1 hour
Weekends, holidays¥27,500¥2,750
  • ※1 day can be 24 hours maximum. Rental over 12 hours is counted as one day, rental for 11 hours or less will be charged by hours.
  • ※high-seasons apply to Japanese spring vacation(3/16~4/9), Golden Week(4/26~5/7), summer vacation(7/13~9/1), Silver Week(9/14~9/24), new year(12/28~1/6), and Rugby World Cup Japan 2019(2019/9/20~11/3).
  • ※top-seasons apply to Japanese summer vacation(8/10~8/18).
  • ※Bedding and kitchen equipment is not included in the price. Please request from optional items.
  • ※No one-way rental is accepted.

Long-term rental discount

Reservation over 3 days10%OFF from basic rate
Reservation over 7 days20%OFF from basic rate
Reservation over 20 days30%OFF from basic rate

Optional items

BBQ stove¥1,000
Lanterns (batteries excluded)¥500
Sleeping bags with inners¥1,000
Child seats¥2,500
Personal kits(Sleeping bags,Pillow,Towels,Plates,Cutlery)¥3,000
Kitchen equipment¥5,000


Collision Damage Waiver(CDW/optional)・・・JPY¥2,500 per day
By purchasing CDW your compensation under JPY¥100,000 will be deducted in case of an accident.This system is optional, yet highly recommended to secure your travel with additional safety.
Pets riding together・・・additional 20% of the rental fee.
If you wish to take your pet with you, please let us know in advance. 50% of the total rental fee will be charged in addition when we confirm pet animals that has not been notified beforehand.
Cancelation and rescheduling after your reservation completion may cost extra fees depending on the schedule.
45days before rental dateNo fees charged
44~16 days before rental date10% of the total fee
15~2 days before rental date20% of the total fee
The day before rental
(during our business hour)
80%of the total fee
The day of rental100%of the total fee