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Insurance and compensations policies that comes with El Monte RV’s domestic rental camping cars will protect your travel.
We assure you with the best qualified insurance policy as a group company listed in the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc. In case of any trouble, contact either us or the insurance company named in the document that comes with the vehicle. Please note that the interior and other optional equipment in the vehicle are excluded from the insurance.

Compensation content Compensation amount
Liability for damage Bodily Injury unlimited
Objective Unlimited with ¥100,000 per incident deductible
Drivers and passengers Personal injury ¥30 million per person
Camping car for rental Car insurance Fair price with ¥100,000 per incident deductible
Collision Damage Waiver(CDW/optional)・・・ ¥2,750 per day

By purchasing CDW your compensation under ¥100,000 will be deducted in case of an accident.This system is optional, yet highly recommended to secure your travel with additional safety.

  • ※The maximum payment of CDW is JPY55,000 for 20 days.
Road service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Tow truck conveyance or temporary repairs are available in any case of accidents, troubles.
1.「Wrecker service」
We will convey the vehicle to the closest repair facility. Compensation will cover up to ¥150,000 for each accident.
2.「Emergency support service」
When your vehicle became unavailable for flat battery or other malfunctions, we will conduct temporary repair procedures which can be done in around 30 minuets . Costs that excess the compensation will be charged from the driver.
3.「Consultation service」
In case any trouble have occurred to the vehicle, licensed mechanic is available for support. When using this service, please be sure to call the Tokyo Marine & Nichido (Tel: 0120-119-110) in advance.
Non-Operation Charge (NOC)
In case the vehicle became inoperative for any trouble or accident that occurred during the rental, we will charge the driver extra to compensate the business loss.
If the rented car is returned to the designated location (the repair period is from 1 to 7 days) ¥50,000 (tax-exempt)
If the rented car is returned to the designated location (the repair period is from 8 to 14 days) ¥100,000(tax-exempt)
If the rented car is returned to the designated location (if the repair period is over 14 days) ¥200,000 (tax-exempt)
If the rented car is returned to the designated location (if the repair period is over 31 days) ¥400,000 (tax-exempt)
  • ※¥300,000 will be charged if the vehicle was not returned to the station, regardless of its condition.
  • ※This extra fee will be supported by NOCW.
Non-operation charge waiver system (NOCW)…¥4,950/day

If you join the Non-Operation Charge Waiver (NOCW), you will be exempt from paying the Non-Operation Charge. Although joining is voluntary, we recommend that you join in case of an accident.

*NOCW payments are for a maximum of 20 days (¥99,000).

*However, the following charges will apply even if you subscribe to NOCW.

・If the interior or equipment is unusable or requires repair: 100% of the purchase price of the replacement product or repair cost

・If shipping costs exceed 150,000 yen (tax exempt), the excess amount will be borne by the customer.

・If it is driveable but not returned to the scheduled return location (left on the street, etc.): ¥300,000 (tax exempt)

・Cleaning fee if smoking odor is detected: ¥11,000 (tax exempt)

・In the case of significant soiling: Please replace the above repair period with the cleaning agency when requesting the service.

・NOC caused by vehicle theft

Cases that are not supported by the insurance
The driver will be fully responsible in cases listed below
  • ・When the accident was not reported to the Police (accident certificate is required).
  • ・When the driver who caused the accident has not registered as a driver.
  • ・When the driver was not carrying his/her driver’s license when the accident occurred.
  • ・Accident caused by the driver’s drunk-driving.
  • ・Accident that occurred after the original rental period, without extension.
  • ・When the driver himself/herself is responsible for the damage.
  • ・When any negotiation occurred without our witness.
  • ・When we found other violation of the conditions written in our loaning clause.
  • ・When refueling the wrong type of oil other than diesel oil. (The all costs including engine cleaning, repair/replacement, and travel expenses for repairing shall be borne by the customer)

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