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Let’s have a look at the interior and the equipment that comes with the Cresson Voyage RV. The Cresson Voyage features a beautiful interior. All the windows are insulated, equipped with blinds and insect screens. This camper is a synonym of luxury, allowing you to experience a real sense of freedom while traveling. The regular layout is equipped with bunk beds, a free room, and a kitchen table. It can then be used by up to 4 people. However, if you transform the kitchen table, the Cresson Voyage will be able to accommodate 6 people at night.

Living Room

With its unified color tone, the living space of the Cresson Voyage was thought to be as relaxing as possible. The table can easily accommodate four people but, thanks to the entrance mat, it can also be extended to welcome six persons. Regarding safety, one of the seatbelts can also be used with a child seat. The face-to-face seats can also be set in a forward-facing position.


Sink, fridge, microwave, and a portable gas stove are available in the kitchen.

The fresh-water tank has a capacity of 20L. Along with the waste water holding tank, it is located under the sink. The gas cassettes for the portable stove are stored next to the sink. If you do not need it, you can use the space available as a kitchen shelf.

The one-door refrigerator has a capacity of 60L, and includes an ice-maker. It uses electricity from the sub-battery.

A microwave is also available. However, it can only be used when an external power supply is connected.


A large bed is located above the driver and passenger seat. (size: 185 cm x 165 cm). To set it up, just pull it, place the mats and use the aluminum ladder to get on and off. While driving, do not forget to push back and lock the bed.

Two bunk beds are also located at the rear part of the RV (193 cm x 70 cm). They both have reading lights. When not in use, the beds can be removed to store some luggage.

You can use one more bed by folding the living room table and setting up the mat (180cm x 90cm). To set it up:
➀ Lift the table, pull the leg and fold it under the table.
➂ Insert the table between the sheets. It will be the base of the bed.
④ Remove the backrest and place it on the table. Done!


There are two external storage spaces at the rear of the vehicle. Because they are fully waterproof, it is safe to store necessities that should not get wet.

We will lend you a portable toilet for free that you can use in the multi-room. If you do not need one, it will be turned into a large storage space. You can access it both from inside and outside the RV. As the tray is waterproof, it is possible to store wet equipment, as long as it falls within the room size: Skis, snowboards, surfboards or even fishing gear.

There are storage boxes all over the vehicle. They are carefully placed to be easily accessed and to keep a feeling of openness.

Electrical System

In facilities that provide an electrical source, such as campgrounds, it is possible to connect the RV power cord and use the air conditioner and microwave.

➀ External power supply is located outside the car. When not in use, keep the cover on.
➁ Open the cover and pull out the connector part.
➂ Plug the RV power cord into it. Push it all the way in.

When disconnecting, please remove the outlet first.

Above the shoe storage space, at the entrance, you will find a screen that allows you to quickly confirm the remaining power.

Under the kitchen you will find the switches for the lights, water system, roof ventilation, hater and so on. The heating system uses oil from the fuel tank of the vehicle. It works even when the engine is turned off.

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