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The greatest feature of the Corde Leaves is its living room, that gives a feeling of openness. The entrance at the rear of the vehicle ensures that you have the maximum space possible. Inside, soft colors are used, which helps to create an environment where everyone can relax.
The layout of the living room can be shifted from a face-to-face sitting to a U-shape, and it can accommodate many passengers. The kitchen is equipped with a large storage and a 90L refrigerator, perfect long-term travel.
Regarding the camper’s safety, a high-mount LED gives outstanding visibility to the following cars. Standard equipment also includes a rear-view camera & monitor.

Living Room

Corde Leaves living space is the largest in the Corde series. The windows on both sides are large, the color of the sofa is light green, full of brightness and openness. Moreover, when the U-shaped configuration is set, it does not feel crowded even if used by many people. A child seat can also be placed on the sofa, so traveling with small children is perfectly safe.


The kitchen is installed at the entrance, on the rear side of the vehicle. It features a sink and a built-in gas stove. A microwave and a large refrigerator are also available.

The refrigerator has a capacity of 90 liters. It also has an ice maker. To use it, simply turn on the main power supply by turning the knob in the cabinet. Not only drinks, but also food and ice cream can be kept cold. Don’t forget to turn it off when you are not using it, as it drains the electricity of the sub battery.

Since the RV also features a microwave, you do not have to eat only bento and prepared dishes: you can also make a full-fledged menu by using it in conjunction with the gas stove. However, it can only be used when the external AC power is connected.


The bank bed located above the driver’s and passenger’s seat looks like a loft. It is possible to lower the height of the bed, allowing to climb without a ladder. Since it is about 197 cm long and 70 cm large, two people can sleep together.

The living room can be transformed into a large bed. It has a maximum width of 187cm and length of 195cm, which makes it possible to sleep vertically or horizontally. To offer the best sleeping comfort possible, the matt is also quite thick.


Next to the kitchen, there is a room that can be used for various purpose. For example, if you do not need a toilet, we can change it into a large storage space (670 mm in width × 900 mm in depth × 1,820 mm in height).
In that case, we will still lend you a portable toilet for free that you can use in the room. You can access it both from inside and outside the RV. As the tray is waterproof, it is possible to store wet equipment, as long as it falls within the room size: Skis, snowboards, surfboards or even fishing gear.

There are several storage spaces outside the vehicle: two on the left side, one on the right rear side. The latter has a container that can be washed, so it is perfect to store organic wastes.

The kitchen is equipped with many storage units, making it very convenient to store the necessary dishes when you eat. In addition, many more storage spaces are available: under the sofa or the refrigerator, on the top of the wall, etc.

Electrical system

In facilities that provide an electrical source, such as campgrounds, it is possible to connect the RV power cord and use the air conditioner and microwave.

➀ External power supply is located outside the car. When not in use, keep the cover on.
➁ Open the cover and pull out the connector part.
➂ Plug the RV power cord into it. Push it all the way in.

The cable side connector should be locked. Connect the outlet only after setting up the connector. Also, when disconnecting, please remove the outlet first.

At the top of the sofa, the black switch is the power supply for the inverter. When it is turned on, the lamps should light up and you should be able to use the refrigerator. Please turn off when not in use.

100V outlet port can be used for household electric appliances within 1500W, such as smartphones chargers, video cameras, electric kettle and so on.
An advanced heating system is also available. As it uses oil from the fuel tank of the vehicle, it can be used even when the engine is turned off.

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