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Let’s have a look at the interior and the equipment that comes with the Corde Bunks RV. The Corde Bunks features bright and spacious interiors unified with white on brown woodgrains. It has a large rear trunk, multi-room accessible from outside, and is fully equipped with bunk beds. Regarding the camper’s safety, a high-mount LED gives outstanding visibility to the following cars. Standard equipment also includes a rear-view camera & monitor. Because the interior is spacious, this model is perfect for camping and outdoor sports.

Living Room

Thanks to its large windows, the bright living room is the perfect place to relax while traveling, or simply to take a break. If you remove the backrest seat and install it near the entrance, the sideway seat can quickly be changed into a bench seat. The layout of the living room can be shifted from a face-to-face sitting to a U-shape, and it can accommodate many passengers.
Since the window is equipped with blinds, no insects will jump in even if the window is open. The face-to-face sofa surrounding the table is equipped with a seatbelt, allowing the passengers to easily enjoy a conversation while on the move.


The kitchen is equipped with a two-burner stove integrated sink, a refrigerator and a microwave oven. There are two stovetops. The left one is more powerful. Like with a home gas stove, the firepower can be adjusted with the black knob. The cassette gas is in the storage space located at the front of the rear bed. The black knob on the upper side is the main gas valve, and should be closed when not in use. Also, do not use the gas stove while driving.

The 60L refrigerator has an ice maker. Turn the main switch and then the internal switch to start it. It is located on the lower right, and you can adjust it according to the season and the items stored. Please do not forget to turn it off when not in use. The power consumption is 40W, and it works thanks to the sub battery. Although the RV is equipped with a microwave, it can be used only when an external power supply is connected.


A large bed is located above the driver and passenger’s seat. It is quite big (187 cm x 187 cm), so three adults can sleep comfortably. Access it with the aluminum ladder. While driving, don’t forget to store the ladder.

The rear of the vehicle is equipped with bunk beds (upper one: 186 cm x 73 cm / lower one: 187 cm x 67 cm). They can be flipped up. If you do not use the upper one, simply fold the mat in the back and the space below will expand.

You can use one more bed by folding the living room table and setting up the mat (190cm x 93cm).
➀ Lift the table, pull the leg and fold it under the table.
➁ Remove the lock that fixes the table to the wall side. Lift and remove the table.
➂ Insert the table between the sheets. It will be the base of the bed.
④ Remove the seat mat and place it on the table. Done!


Sometimes, you need to store large items such as camping equipment and mountain bikes while traveling. In terms of storability, Corde Bunks is simply excellent.

At the rear of the RV, a large trunk is accessible both from inside and outside the vehicle. The space, 120cm in height, can be easily secured.

We will prepare a portable toilet for free at the rear of the vehicle. If you do not need one, it will be turned into a large storage space, ideal for vertical items. It can be accessed both from inside and outside. In addition, as it can drain water, this space is ideal to store skis, snowboards, surfboards or even diving equipment.

There are storage boxes all over the vehicle. They are carefully placed to be easily accessed and to make the interior more open.

Electrical System

In facilities that provide an electrical source, such as campgrounds, it is possible to connect the RV power cord and use the air conditioner and microwave.

➀ External power supply is located outside the car. When not in use, keep the cover on.
➁ Open the cover and pull out the connector part.
➂ Plug the RV power cord into it. Push it all the way in.

The cable side connector should be locked. Connect the outlet only after setting up the connector. Also, when disconnecting, please remove the outlet first.

The black switch at the entrance, next to the shoebox, is the power source. When it is turned on, the lamps should light up and you should be able to use the refrigerator. 100V outlet port can be used for household electric appliances within 1500W, such as smartphones chargers, video cameras, electric kettle and so on. An advanced heating system is also available. As it uses oil from the fuel tank of the vehicle, it works even when the engine is turned off.

An advanced heating system is also available. As it uses oil from the fuel tank of the vehicle, it can be used even when the engine is turned off.

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