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Please send the reservation after filling in the requirements. At this point the reservation is not confirmed. We will send the total fee and other details after checking the reservation status.

  • ※If the departure date is close, please contact us by phone.
  • ※If there are other questions, please contact us through the inquiry form or by phone.

Confirm reservation after deposit

Please deposit your rental fee within one week of the reservation. Reservation will be confirmed after the deposit is checked.
You can deposit through bank transfer or credit card.

Bank account: MUFG Bank Shinjuku Branch.
※Credit cards on the right are available to use.
※After reservation is confirmed, cancel fee will occur within 44 days before of your departure.

Start rental

Please come to the place of rental on reservation time in the afternoon. After checking the license, there will be an explanation of the RV, and the rental certificate will be issued. A $1,000 security deposit via Visa or Master card is required at the time of departure.Cash or Travelers Checks are NOT accepted. Required time is approximately 30min.

  • ※If the departure date is close, please contact us by phone.
  • ※If there are other questions, please contact us through the inquiry form or by phone.

Return rental RV

Please fill up the gas before returning the RV. We will check the gas, outside damages and if there is anything left behind.
Overdue fee, gas fee(if not filled),and cleaning fee will be charged when returning the RV.


●Driver’s license
All drivers must have one of the valid driving licenses in below;
  • 1.Japanese Driver’s License
  • 2.International Driving Permit + Passport
  • 3.Foreign Driver’s License + Japanese Translation + Passport
    • *Those who have a Foreign Driver’s License issued in Belgium, France, Germany, Monaco, Slovenia, Switzerland or Taiwan must carry Japanese Translation made by a duly authorities.
Reservation changes and cancellation after confirmation of reservation will require cancel fee depending on the period.
Before 45 days of departure free
Between 44days and 16 days before departure 10% of total fee
Between 15days and 2 days before departure 20% of total fee
Day before departure 80% of total fee
Day of departure 100% of total fee
●Prohibited matters
Smoking inside the RV.(smoking is prohibited in all rental RVs.)
Cooking that emits smoke and odor is prohibited inside the RV.
●Parking violations
RV users tend to think that parking on the streets is ok for a little bit. Parking violation will result in accidents and traffics. Parking violation will be the responsibility of the driver. Always park in parking lots.
If parking ticket for illegally parked vehicle is attached…
  • ・Attend the police station mentioned in the parking ticket.
  • ・Follow the legal procedure and pay for the fine.
  • ・Return the RV after all procedure is finished.
Upon returning we will check the traffic ticket and the check/receipt received from the police.
※If the traffic ticket and check/receipt is not submitted (If we can not check the payment for the fine), we will charge the penalty mentioned below. Penalty fee will be refunded after payment of fine and submission of traffic ticket and check/receipt.
・Penalty fee ¥30,000(Tax included)
※If legal procedures and payment of fine is not followed, we will contact the police and decline any rentals in the future.

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