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Conventional vehicles use the air conditioner by connecting it to an external power supply. Evolite, which has three deep cycle batteries, can use the air conditioner for about 8 hours without connecting any external power supply. (depends on the environment, such as temperature). Moreover, even if the battery runs out the next day, it can be fully charged very quickly with its high efficiency charging system.

Living Room

Cresson Voyage’s living space is characterized by a uniform tone of rosewood wood grain.The loose and uncomfortable dynet is basically for 4 people, but it is easy for 6 people to relax by using the entrance mat.The third seat uses a three-point seat belt and supports child seats.Face-to-face seats can also be set forward.


The kitchen is equipped with a sink, refrigerator, microwave oven, and a household cassette stove.

The refrigerator has a single door with an ice-making room and a capacity of 90L.It is powered by electricity from sub-battery.

It is also equipped with a microwave oven.Available only when idle and when external AC power is connected.


Large sliding expansion beds are provided in up of the driver’s and passenger seats.(Size: 1,850mm x 1,650mm)
Aluminum ladders are secured to the bed to get on and off.Do not use the bed while driving.When not in use, be sure to lock the extension bed with a stopper.

The rear of the vehicle is equipped with a permanent bunk bed.
(Size: 1,930mm x 700mm)
The upper and lower floors are equipped with reading lights by the bedside, and the double acrylic windows are open to create your own space.Removable beds can be removed and large luggage can be stored when not in use.

Fold the living room table and set the mat to make a bed (dynet bed). (Size: 1800mm×900mm)

setting method
① Remove the table support and fold the legs.
② Put the table between the seats as the bed base.
③ Place the backrest of the seat on the die net table to complete the bed space.


The two external collectors at the rear of the vehicle are double-decked and do not damage the appearance.In addition, the inner door is completely waterproof, so it is safe to store things that should not be wet.

You can rent a portable toilet for free in a multi-room, but if you don’t need a toilet, it will be transformed into a large storage space.Accessible from both inside and outside the car.It’s waterproof, so it’s a space where you can store even a little wet things.You can store skis, snowboards, surfboards, diving gear, fishing gear, and anything that fits within the size of a room through the door.

There are storage boxes everywhere in the room.Each collection box is set up so that it does not interfere with the flow path, so it can be used more widely in the room.

Electrical System

In places with power supply facilities such as camping sites, AC100V in the car can be used by connecting external AC power, and separate room air conditioners and microwave ovens can be used.

① There is a connector outside the car that connects to the external power supply.Cover when not in use.
② Turn the cover, open and connect it to the external AC power cord.
③Connect the socket after connecting the connector.

In addition, disconnect the socket before disconnecting the connector.

It’s an instrument under the kitchen.Switch for lights, water supply, roof vent, etc.
In addition, the heater is equipped with FF heater.Below the instrument is the FF heater switch.It uses diesel from the vehicle’s fuel tank, so it is a heater that can be used even when the car engine is turned off.Combustion supply and exhaust are carried out outdoors.

There is a battery level meter on top of the shoebox at the entrance.This instrument shows the management of sub-battery at a glance.You can use electricity with confidence while checking the remaining amount.

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