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El Monte RV's Privacy Policy

We, El Monte RV are committed to maintaining and securing our costumers’ privacy (such as your name, age, date of birth, phone number, email address, residence, employment, etc…) in which we have gained through our service.
Being so, we promise to our customers to treat such information with compliance to the law, and constantly revising the conditions below.

1.Collecting personal information

El Monte RV will receive customers’ personal information in an appropriate manner in providing our service.

2.Use of personal information

El Monte RV’s use of its customers’ information is limited to the range that is necessary for providing its service to the customer.

3.Providing information to a third party

El Monte RV cannot provide a third party with its customers’ personal information other than certain conditions specified in the law.

4.Management and of personal information

El Monte RV will practice and maintain appropriate and reasonable preparations to protect its customers’ personal information from risks such as loss, damage, and leakage.

5.Disclosure, correction, deletion of information.

Whenever El Monte RV received a request of either disclosure, correction, deletion of its customers’ personal information, we will manage such request with a reasonable manner only after identifying that the request is from the customer him/herself.

This policy will be shared with and maintained by all of El Monte RV’s employees, with respect to its customers’ privacy.

Cookie policy

El Monte RV is using cookies in some divisions of its website. Here the term cookie refers to a small data that is sent from a website and stored into the user’s computer. This enables the user to brows El Monte RV’s website more comfortably from next time.
Cookies sent from our website do not include any information that may detect our customers’ personal information. Additionally, the person browsing El Monte RV’s website can block cookies to be stored into, activate in his/her computer, or set the computer to inform him/her whenever cookies are activated.

Javascript Policy

El Monte RV’s website utilizes Javascript for better use for its customers. This Javascript do not save or input any data into the browsers’ computer.

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